The 2nd Gift from the silkworm and the Miracle it Delivers

Hello and Welcome to the New Serrapeptase Forum.

This new exciting venture gives me the chance to bring all of my Serrapeptase newsletters and publishing’s to a wider audience. These have helped thousands of people to help solve the so-called diseases afflicting so many people.  Not only the public but many Doctors and Natural Health Practitioners are following the information and enjoying new-found success. I am thrilled and privileged to have been able to help many thousands of people around the world and to be able to bring all of those people together to share their stories and inspire others. Make sure you send in your story and eventually help many millions more.

There are three ways to use this site:

  1. Reading the questions and answers by browsing or by searching for the topic, E.G. Angina in the search tab above.  If you find that your question has not been asked and you want to add a question or comment (called a Topic) click on the Pink Folder you will need to register.
  2. You may login using facebook and other media as indicated in the forum. This enables you ask questions and make comments regarding a question or answer that you may have read. This enables you to share your experience with others.

Naturally Healthy Friend,